Meet Jimmy Buckner with GPP Cycling

GPP Cycling shop is at the heart of the Rogers biking community. In addition to being a full-service bike shop, it hosts group rides, and afterwards riders can sit on the back patio with a beer.

GPP Cycling Shop, Rogers, AR

GPP Cycling shop

Biking Lake Atalanta Park, Rogers, AR

Lake Atalanta Park

GPP Cycling Shop, Rogers, AR

GPP Cycling shop

The Railyard

GPP Cycling Shop, Rogers, AR

GPP Cycling shop

Skinny tires or fat, Rogers, Arkansas is the place to be for biking.

At the top of the trail system in Rogers is the Railyard, a bike park welcoming to all riders, from novices (those who literally just bought a bike) and beginners to experts. The slopestyle course has jumps (some going through a rail car) and trails going in and out of it, including trails to Lake Atalanta Park and Point Pleasant trails. It offers a view of the lake down below.

“My favorite loop is The Lasso,” says Jimmy Buckner, manager of GPP Cycling shop in Rogers. “It’s just a fun shaped-like-a-lasso trail, and you can hit it over and over again. It’s winding and pretty fast.”

Born in Rogers, Jimmy has been riding “as long as I can remember,” since he was 5 or 6 years old. (He’s now 28.)

“I’ve seen the entire change, from Northwest Arkansas being nothing but a few paved roads with a lot of dirt back roads, all the way up to what it is now,” Jimmy says. What it is now is a mountain biking mecca, with a booming mountain-biking and road-biking scene.

The IMBA World Summit, one of the industry’s biggest mountain-biking events, was in the area in November 2016, and the Rogers location of GPP Cycling hosted an after-party after the first night’s event at—you guessed it—the Railyard. IMBA and the event have helped expand Rogers’ reach as a must-visit cycling destination in the region.

And if you work at GPP Cycling, you’re an avid cyclist—there’s no getting around it. The Rogers location of GPP Cycling has been open more than two years, and Jimmy has been shop manager for the last year. The concept behind GPP (which stands for General Physical Preparedness) is that everyone should be physically prepared for life.

“We don’t all have to be star athletes or perfect, but there are ways to become healthy and feel comfortable and be able to participate in all the activities you enjoy without it being sufferable at times,” Jimmy says.

The first location of GPP (there are three, with a fourth on the way) started as a gym for triathletes—all of whom asked the shop to sell bikes. GPP started off selling tri bikes, then expanded to carry mountain bikes and road bikes as the community asked for them. Now it’s a full-service bike shop, offering one of the largest selections in the state, custom bike fittings—and customer service that keeps fans coming back.

It doesn’t hurt that the Rogers shop has its beer license and a patio out back. Group rides take place every Thursday night—it’s only a few hundred yards from a trailhead—and afterwards most riders return to the shop and hang out.

GPP Cycling in Rogers also rents bikes, meaning visitors can take advantage of the trails that start near the shop.

“We’re just trying to be out there for the community,” Jimmy says. “GPP as a whole is about family-oriented health and fitness dedicated to cycling.”