Meet William Mauk at Foster's Pint and Plate

Top sellers at Foster's Pint and Plate include shrimp and grits, and chicken and waffles, both the result of William's Southern influence.

William Mauk, owner of Foster's Pint and Plate

Chicken and waffles at Foster's Pint and Plate

Chicken and waffles, a best-selling dish

Local beers on tap at Foster's Pint and Plate

Local beers on tap

Fosters pint and plate dish

Southern style dishes at Foster's Pint and Plate

Foster’s Pint and Plate is in its third year of serving “elevated pub food” with lots of Southern influence courtesy of chef William Mauk. It garners rave reviews on Yelp, OpenTable and TripAdvisor. Top sellers are shrimp and grits, and chicken and waffles. Foster’s also goes through a lot of meatloaf, William says. “If you’re not getting that at your mom’s house, you’re getting it here.” 

In addition to the cooking it does in-house, Foster’s brews its owns beers. Since beer trends don’t change as often as food trends, it brews its standards—an IPA, a wheat, a golden—then its brewer gets a little playful and creative with it.

"You have to play to your audience,” William says. “It’s not like wine. If you like a hoppy beer, you drink a hoppy beer.”

One of the better-selling beers is the Chocolate Ghost, which William describes as a stout with chili pepper.

William lives right down the street from his restaurant in Rogers. His brother lives in nearby Fayetteville, and the two—originally from New Orleans—always planned on raising their children together.

“I don’t think everyone realizes this is the area that everything’s going on in; this is where all the new stuff is,” William says. “You move up here and realize Rogers is growing fast. It’s probably the cooler place to live.”

When he has customers or out-of-town guests who ask for must-dos in the area, he recommends Rogers’ bike trail system or golf courses.