The Railyard is Rogers' Premier Bike Park


Have you heard of The Railyard yet? The Railyard is a new natural surface bike park that has various elements allowing riders of any skill level to enjoy the park. I’m convinced this latest recreational attraction will bring people from all over to visit, as well as improve the quality of life of residents.

I chatted about the Railyard with Andrea Brinton, the Parks Department Director for the City of Rogers, about The Railyard. The park, open since November 2015 through a partnership with the Walton Family Foundation, has several features that make it unique. For one, it’s one of the few bike parks in the country that is lit. The lights make the park safer and expand the hours it can be open.  

IMG_4927.jpgIt’s also one of only three like it in the entire country, with the closest being in Colorado, Andrea said.

“The caliber of this bike park is like no other,” she said. “The skill progression in the trails are amazing.”

What she’s referring to is how the bike park has trails and runs for everyone from novice to expert (and everything in between). The park has already been heavily used with patrons including high school clubs, mountain bike racing teams, to families coming to enjoy time together.

The Railyard is usually open from 6 am to 9 pm every day, but not in inclement weather. Andrea emphasized that the park must also close when the ground is still wet because bikes will damage the park if it is used when the ground is wet. Patrons can call the hotline to determine if The Railyard is open. That number is 479.621.1120. 

The Railyard is also connected to about 10 miles of off-road trails and will also be connected to the hard surface trails at Lake Atalanta once renovations are done at that park. 

I also chatted with Gary Vernon, who loves using The Railyard with his kids. He has a 14-year old daughter and 9-year old son. He said many mountain bike trails, which are eight or nine miles long, make it hard to ride together as a family but The Railyard is “great for that.”

He also likes how the trails are progressive.

“We can share a fun experience. We can take different paths or take the same paths but at a different pace,” he said. “I’m an avid biker, and I can be challenged but still spend time with my kids.” 

Gary added that he likes how The Railyard is close to trails that lead to other parts of Downtown Rogers, and he also appreciates how well-kept the park is throughout the year. It’s also close to many downtown restaurants, he said.

Below is a video of Gary taking the course and giving us a great view of the bike park from above. Be sure to watch it!