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Rogers is a unique place to experience the cutting edge along with the nostalgic. Bustling shopping lives harmoniously adjacent to gorgeous scenery and historic sites. Rogers may be one of the fastest growing places in the nation, but the heart and soul of small town America is alive and well here. You’ll discover museums, art galleries, shopping and dining amid architectural treasures and brick-lined streets in our historic downtown, all just a stone’s throw from fishing, water sports, hiking, camping, boating and breathtaking vistas of nearby Beaver Lake nestled high in the Ozark Mountains.

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 Family Winter Excursion in Rogers 

James the Busvlogger and his family make an excursion to Rogers in one of the best times of the year. With plenty of Christmas shopping, famous attractions and great food — Rogers is a great destination for a winter adventure. See their excursion below!

War Eagle at Christmas

James the Busvlogger and his family took a trip to War Eagle Mill — giving us a great tour of this famous landmark as he and his family pick out their Christmas tree. Check it out below!

Couple’s Weekend in Rogers

James the Busvlogger and his wife spent a couple’s weekend in Rogers — where they visited the farmers’ market, Levi’s Gastrolounge and Bar, the Railyard and a lot more, making for a great weekend getaway. Check out their trip below.

A Guys’ Day in Rogers

James the Busvlogger and his friends took to the streets of Rogers for a day — discovering all of the great sights and tastes our city has to offer.

Hittin’ the Bricks in Rogers

James the Busvlogger recently paid Rogers a visit to savor the wide variety of food, tour our historic downtown area and head uptown for some great shopping. Watch his video below to get a taste of a day in Rogers.