Fascinating Historic Sites & Museums

Explore American history at these important historical places and exhibits

Take a peek into the past at one of the many historic sites and museums in Rogers, where you can explore local history at a Civil War battlefield, on Native American grounds and through fascinating museum exhibits.

Start your exploration of Northwest Arkansas at the Rogers Historical Museum, located at the edge of Historic Downtown Rogers. Get a glimpse of old First Street as you peek into the the replica storefronts, learn about the history of law and order when you step into the original Rogers jail cell, and bring the kids to explore “Grandma’s attic,” featuring vintage-style playthings. While you are here, be sure to explore the temporary exhibits that change every couple of months.


Get a first-hand look at the Civil War days when you visit Pea Ridge National Military Park, a 4,300-acre battlefield where more than 26,000 soldiers courageously fought on March 7–8, 1862. The Battle of Pea Ridge was a pivotal conflict during the war, and this site is considered the most intact Civil War battlefield in the country.


Another important Civil War site is War Eagle Mill. Dating back to 1832, the Union Army used the mill for food before moving to northern Arkansas. Confederate soldiers used the mill as well, until they burned it to the ground during the Battle of Pea Ridge. The mill was reconstructed several times since then, and today, War Eagle is the only operational gristmill in the state, powered by the attached waterwheel in War Eagle River to create freshly ground organic flour daily.

Listen to the larger-than-life tales of warriors, robbers, moonshiners and even outlaws such as Frank and Jesse James when you take a guided tour of War Eagle Cavern, a sprawling cave system beneath the Ozark Mountains, where infamous characters hid out over the years. While you are here, try your luck at panning for semi-precious gemstones at the War Eagle Mining Company.

At the Museum of Native American History, learn about the lives of America’s earliest inhabitants as an audio guide leads you through 14,000 years of Native American history, denoted by distinct periods: the Paleo Period, Archaic Period, Woodland Period, Mississippian Period, Historic Period and Pre-Columbian Period. Admission is free.

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