Meet Jared Wierman of The Foreman

Get to know Jared Wierman the Bar Manager of The Foreman at the 1907. The Foreman takes classic drinks and makes renditions of those based off speaking with the guest to find out what interests them.

How It Started

In April of 2019, the vision for a bar attracting a niche that had not yet been represented in Rogers came to life with the opening of The 1907. The Foreman at The 1907 is located on the second floor of The 1907 building in downtown Rogers. The direct entrance to the bar is a staircase from the patio on the east side of the building with plenty of free parking around. Downtown Rogers encourages and welcomes people from all over to visit whether it be a 21st birthday celebration, coming off the lake, or if you are looking for a new place to try. Jared Wierman, Bar Manager, sees The Foreman as a place that honors the taste of the community, radical in taste, forward thinking, and being able to offer guests new tasting experiences.

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Being in The 1907 exposed The Foreman and helped the business grow rapidly and inspired the present menu that is very different then how guests are used to seeing cocktails presented. The bartender starts a dialogue with guests to have an open conversation about preferences as well as getting them to step out of their comfort level. The menu is very inviting of questions and the bartender will make a drink based off what the guest is feeling or likes, it does not have to be on the menu.


A new favorite, the Lotus Eaters, is a cocktail based on mythology and hybrids. This cocktail is a marriage of skin contact natural wine, pisco, fresh lemon, vermouth, and lots of florals and gloss. The entire menu at the Foreman mirrors the same tone of fun, fantasy, and beauty. One of Jared’s other favorites on the new menu is the Hydra, which is a cocktail made with Danish Aquavit, Cachaca, Acid adjusted watermelon puree, agave basil syrup. This cocktail is also garnished with a carbonated watermelon rind.

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Where Possible Lives

The 1907 building is a solid testament to Rogers being “Where Possible Lives.” Built in 1907 along the dirt streets was Rogers Wholesale Grocery later bought and rebranded as Griffin Wholesale Grocery then Outlet Salvage and finally Dollar Saver before becoming The 1907 in 2019. It is now one of the most influential coffee shops in the nation with a growth in international wholesale. Dry Storage at The 1907 is an adaptable venue, the restaurants are unlike any other in the area with casual dining at Yeyo’s Mezcaleria y Taqueria and fine dining available at Heirloom at The 1907. Jared says, "Hospitality and innovation forward set The Foreman apart and create a positive space for people, and a good foundation." 

"We want to bridge the gap between high concept culinary beverages and excellent hospitality. We love people and want to create an atmosphere of inclusion and magic. The Foreman is a space that welcomes all and attempts to meet people where they are with their taste profiles and experience. We prefer warmth and kindness to pretension and expense." The Foreman welcomes everyone and hopes guests view it as a carefully curated experience with incredible high quality ingredient drinks made with precision and intentional service to guests. 

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More from Jared

Jared's favorite beverages are high acid natural wines, negroni variations, Amari, and agave spirits. He recommends visiting Mavis Wine Co., Fox Trail DistilleryYeyo's Mezcaleria Y Taqueria, Hobbs State Park-Conservation Area, and Moonbroch Brewing Company for places to visit in Rogers. Jared wants you to know that The Foreman will attempt to offer the ultimate positive hospitality where the drinks will be fine-tuned to their taste, here to make sure you have a cool experience. 

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