An Unforgettable Day with the Kids

Enjoy family fun with this one-day itinerary.


Start your day with eggs, pancakes, and some 1950s throwback diner decor at Wesner’s Grill in downtown Rogers. And coffee, of course. Don’t forget the coffee.

Now that you’re fueled for the day from a hearty breakfast and plenty of caffeine, it’s time to head to Hobbs State Park-Conservation Area. About 15 minutes from downtown, Hobbs is a large natural park with limited development. Make your first stop the Visitor Center. Here you’ll find interactive exhibits and a wildlife viewing area. Be sure to ask the park staff what educational programs they have scheduled for the day.

Get you trail information here too. Long or short, easy or hard, trail options are available to suit families with young kids or older. Check out Pigeon Roost Trail near Beaver Lake, Historic Van Winkle Trail, Shaddox Hollow Nature Trail, Sinking Stream Trail and the ADA-accessible Ozark Plateau Trail.


After a nature-filled morning, it’s time to head back downtown for a stop at the Daisy Airgun Museum. Daisy Manufacturing Company is the world’s oldest and largest manufacturer of airguns, ammo and accessories. This museum showcasing its history contains 150 antique airguns dating to the 1600s. You’ll see cool old BB guns and the comic strip character Buck Rogers Disintegrator Pistol as well as a Daisy-stamped golf ball that went to the moon. One gun more than any other played a major role in making Daisy the household name it is today. Introduced in 1939, the Daisy Red Ryder is easily the most famous BB gun ever built. Maybe you know it from the movie, “A Christmas Story” with that well-known line, “You’ll shoot your eye out kid.” You can see a leg lamp like the one in the movie here too.

Walk down the street a couple blocks for lunch. No matter what the age of your family members, Parkside Public has you covered, with salads, hot sandwiches, hot dogs, wings, dirty fries and specialty burgers. Finish things off with the “Sweetside” menu: shakes, turtle brownies or a root beer float. The Diamond Bear root beer on tap at Parkside is made old-fashion style with pure cane sugar, sassafras, and extracts of caramel.

After lunch, walk across the street to Frisco Park if you have young ones. Wave at the engineer if the train goes by. Also take time to stroll the downtown streets where you’ll find everything from high quality cooking and kitchen supplies and clothing to antiques and fine art. 

Now it’s time to leave the brick-paved historic sector and head south to a new area easily accessed from Interstate 49. Start with High Rise Extreme Air Sports, where mom and dad can sit on a couch and watch the kids jump or join in the fun. Older kids especially love the dodgeball and ninja-type features. Spend an hour or two on the trampolines, then head outside and just down the street to Golf Mountain, where you can enjoy two 18-hole mini-golf courses for some family-friendly competition.


End your night with food and fun at Dave and Buster’s, located minutes away in Pinnacle Hills Promenade, a luxury lifestyle destination with shops, restaurants and more, sprawled across 152 acres.