25 Things to Do in Rogers #19: Fox Trail Distillery

Have you ever had Butterfly Wings or a Beautiful Stranger on the rocks? Check out the carefully curated cocktails by expert mixologists in Uptown Rogers!

Learn about the process, history, and philosophy behind Fox Trail Distillery and their passion for giving guests the ultimate unique experience with their unheard of cocktails. Leave with a deeper understanding of the charm and complexity of how they distill, age, and bottle small-batch spirits in Northwest Arkansas. There is no need to sit at the bar, but if you do you may catch the bartender with a hand saw going at a large block of ice making single serve square ice cubes for the cocktails. Table and patio seating are available or stay on your feet and mingle with other guests.

Fox Trail Distillery

Watch the sunset over Pinnacle Hills Promenade Mall from the dog-friendly and temperature controlled patio. Plan for a unique experience to take a private tour of the distillery for $15 to $25 per guest, 20 guests are allowed per tour, including a guided tasting. All ages are admitted but you must be 21+ to enjoy alcoholic beverages and facility tours.

Spirits produced and distilled on site and curated into handcrafted cocktails:

  • O'Highland's XIV Bourbon - A collection of barrels selected for depth and complexity, harvested and blended on site and bottled at cask strength [Mash Bill: 84% Corn, 8% Malted Barley]

  • Wild Parallel Bourbon - A collection of barrels selected for quality and character, harvested and blended on site, and brought to proof with purified water from the Ozark Highlands [Mash Bill: 75% Corn, 21% Rye, 4% Malted Barley]

  • Artanical Gin - New World style Gin highlighting botanicals native to the Ozarks. Locally foraged botanicals are included in the crafting of every batch

  • Boxley Vodka - Derived from 100% Missouri corn and local water purified through the process of reverse osmosis. Gluten free. Non GMO

  • House Liqueurs, Cordials and Infusions - An array of Micro Batch Liqueurs, Cordials and Infusions available exclusively at the bar. A limited selection of wine and beer includes options from New Province (Rogers, AR) and Crafters Union (Napa Valley) are also available.

fox trail distillery bourbon whiskey

Additional wine and beer selections can be curated by request with advanced notice (options, availability, and pricing dependent on distributor inventory).

There is space available for private events with a maximum capacity of 150 guests. However, it is strictly a bar with no kitchen space. Ports are available for local food trucks to service guests and vary by date.

customers at the bar at fox trail distillery

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