25 Things to Do in Rogers #7: Play on Beaver Lake

Beaver LakeWe were off to a great start this month with unseasonably cool weather, but alas, the hot, humid air has returned. That can only mean one thing...it's time to find a place to cool off! Luckily for you, your next 25 Things to Do in Rogers assignment is about just that - assignment #7: Play on Beaver Lake. Beaver Lake is nationally renowned for Striped Bass and has even become a tour stop on the Walmart FLW Tour, but boating, scuba diving, water skiing, wake boarding, kayaking, swimming and picnicking are just as popular as fishing on Beaver Lake. So suit up, grab the towels and sunscreen and get to Beaver Lake as fast as you can for some fun in the sun and a great way to stay cool as the temperatures near 100!

History of Beaver Lake

Vacationers have been making the trek to scenic Beaver Lake since the late 1960s after the man-made lake was created for flood control, hydroelectric power generation and to serve as a public water supply. Beaver Lake boasts 28,000 sparkling blue acres of water and is surrounded by 450 miles of spectacular shoreline featuring limestone bluffs, caves, wildlife and gorgeous fall foliage.

What to Do on the LakeTubing on Beaver Lake

Wide open spaces on Beaver Lake leave plenty of room for tubing or exploring. Other fun ways to enjoy the lake include a kayak trip around Bear and Deer Islands or set sail from Prairie Creek and head towards the dam. Boats of all shapes and sizes, including ski boats, fishing boats, pontoons, houseboats, and sail boats, share the wide open water of Beaver Lake. If you don't own a boat or know someone who does, no problem. Many of the marinas offer boat rentals to fit budgets of all sizes. Scroll down for a list of marinas that offer rentals.

If you'd rather swim from shore, many of the lake's parks operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers offer day passes for swimming. You can find a list of parks and more information about hiking and camping around Beaver Lake here.

Beaver Lake is optimal for scuba diving because the water is deep and visibility is great making for interesting sites. Thanks to a rock bottom, the water is also crystal clear for snorkeling. Underwater bluffs and old foundations are a few of the hidden treasures of the lake. There are several lake-area businesses offering equipment, accessories and training. My first dive was at the Damsite North Park and offered some great diving. It is accessible by land and is open from 8am to 10pm daily, April 1 - November 1. Beaver Lake is great for beginners, like me, and experts looking for a nearby place to explore the underworld. 

Boat Rentals/Marinas

Prairie Creek Marina
1 Prairie Creek Marina Drive
Rogers, AR 72756
(479) 925-1623

Horseshoe Bend Marina
16168 East Highway 94
Rogers, AR 72758
(479) 925-1545

Rocky Branch Marina
8872 Rocky Branch Marina Rd.
Rogers, AR 72756
(479) 925-1300

Hickory Creek Marina
12737 Hickory Creek Rd.
Lowell, AR 72745
(479) 751-7366

How to Get There

From Rogers, access to Beaver Lake is quick and easy on Scenic Highway 12 East, which leads to Prairie Creek Recreation Area and Marina and Rocky Branch Marina and Recreation Area. Horseshoe Bend Recreation Area and Hickory Creek Recreation Area along with a ramp at Monte Ne are the closest lake-access points to Lowell.

Where are your favorite places to swim or relax in the sun around Beaver Lake?