Discover Hidden Treasures in Rogers with Geocaching

Modern-day treasure hunters can discover a multitude of prizes right here in Rogers thanks to growing participation in geocaching. Geocaching is a combination of a treasure hunt and orienteering. You use a GPS device to locate specific treasures called “caches.” Participants follow provided coordinates and other clues to find the treasures. The general etiquette of geocaching says that if you take a cache, you must leave a cache for future seekers to find. The whole idea of this hobby gets people out in nature and teaches great directional skills. Plus, it is just fun!

The website has a wealth of information about geocaching including how to get started, games you can play, and apps you can use to enhance the geocaching experience (both iPhone and Android apps are available). Another feature on the Geocaching website is the ability to search for active caches all over the world, including Rogers. You can also find cache information at Trail Link, which provides information about the type of trail or road you will use to find the cache. This is helpful for geocachers who may want to experience rougher trails while others may want to stay on asphalt.

The folks at Hobbs State Park-Conservation Area have three caches. Two require hikes of about a mile or two on existing hiking trails but one is near the park Visitor Center. The one that is closest to the park entrance is available after the park closes and during the hunting season while the ones where you must travel deeper into the park are not available at those times.

If you want to place a cache on the park property, you need to get a signed permit from the park superintendent or a designated representative because the location must be approved. What is really cool is that the State Parks of Arkansas collaborate to offer a caching adventure that is based on visiting all 52 of the parks. You can find more information, including the clues for each park, at the Arkansas State Parks website.

Did you know that Rogers is near several state parks and other nature areas that have geocaching available? What treasures have you found when geocaching? If you find something in our area, be sure to take a picture and use the #RogersRocks hashtag. Happy searching!