Made in Rogers: House of Webster

Apple Butter!I have two words for you: APPLE. BUTTER. Did you know the world's best apple butter is made right here in Rogers? (Disclosure: purely the opinion of this blogger, but I'm rarely wrong about these things.) There are some really great (and delicious) things made right here in Rogers that I'm willing to bet some of you didn't know about, which is why I'm starting a new series called "Made in Rogers". I had to start with one of my favorite places, House of Webster.

Made in Rogers Since 1934

Since 1934 the House of Webster has been an expert in creating quality jams, jellies, preserves, butter and spreads, among other things and they are all cooked, packaged, mailed and shipped from their facility in Rogers, Arkansas. They have a log cabin gift shop next to their manufacturing facility at 1013 N. 2nd St. in downtown Rogers for all of us lucky locals. They also have outlet stores across the U.S. and a thriving online store. Do not, I repeat, do not visit the shop when you are hungry. You will be overwhelmed with the dozens of choices of jellys, spreads, meats, cheeses, syrups and salsas that you will likely buy one of everything. On our most recent visit we ended up with more apple butter, red raspberry preserves, strawberry preserves, blueberry spread and butter pecan syrup. Breakfast is my favorite meal, so it helps me justify buying so much deliciousness at one time.

A "Berry" Special Gift Idea

It's end-of-the-year time for school kids and everyone is in a jam looking for that perfectBerry Special Gift gift to say "thank you" to teachers, staff and coaches. You guys are "berry" lucky you're reading this blog because you don't have to look any further. It's affordable, you know it will be enjoyed and you are supporting a local business, so bag a couple of your favorite House of Webster jams or jellies with a tag that says "Thank you for being so "berry" special and viola! End-of-year shopping complete! Not crafty? House of Webster also sells pre-made gift boxes full of a variety of their products in all prices ranges too.

Jams, Jellies and Preserves... Oh My!

Jelly: Just the strained juice from the fruit is used to make jelly. It is gelatinized enough to make it firm and capable of holding its shape outside the jar, yet it is still soft enough to spread easily.Ever wondered if there is a difference between a jam and a jelly? Well, there certainly is! Here's a quick rundown of the differences so you can wow your coworkers at the watercooler tomorrow with your infinite knowledge of this sweet treat.

Preserves and Jams: Preserves and Jams are made by cooking whole, crushed, or pulped fruit(s) with sugar, or corn syrup. Preserves and Jams, while not as gelatinous as jelly, should round up in a spoon.

Butters: Butters are made by cooking fruit pulp and sugar to a thick consistency that will spread easily. Typically butters are milled, so you get that rich smooth texture.

Spreadable Fruit: Fruit spreads are made with fruit juice and crushed fruit only.  There are no sugars added to the product, the only sugar in it comes from the fruit itself. This natural product is great for those who are watching their sugar intake. Learn some other fun facts on the House of Webster website.

What are your favorite foods from House of Webster? What jellies or jams should I try next?

Until next time,