Tears on Tap Tour

Namida Lab Partners with NWA Breweries for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Thursday, October 14, 2021
5:00pm to 8:00pm
New Province Brewing Company
1310 W. Hudson Road
Rogers, AR 72756
Hours of Operation

5pm to 8pm

Namida Lab,® Inc., a local biotech company in Fayetteville, with a mission of developing novel cancer diagnostics based on proteins from tears, is conducting a campaign throughout the month of October to further their breast cancer research. The campaign is “Tears on Tap Tour” and will feature a variety of local establishments. 

“Our team wanted to do something locally that would benefit all involved and help us reach our development goals of offering a better option in breast cancer screening and overall navigation of the breast health journey,” said Jen Morio, Fayetteville native and head of operations at Namida Lab, “when you live in such a wonderful area like NWA, you can rely on your community and local businesses to help you reach goals that will make a difference worldwide.”

Namida Lab will cover the cost of one drink (based on brewery selection) for individuals twenty-one and over when they donate a tear sample. Namida Lab personnel will be present at each location to collect tears samples from eligible participants. Sample collection is quick, easy, and only takes about 5 minutes. 

Tears on Tap Tour participants will be helping supply Namida Lab with tear samples for more research and development. “There are so many things scientists can study from tears, but unlike blood samples, tear samples cannot simply be purchased. We have to collect them as we need them,” says Namida Lab R&D scientist Prashanth Ravishankar. 

Namida Lab’s first product, Melody®, is a new breast cancer screening test based on protein biomarkers found in tears. Namida Lab currently plans to move forward with a product launch in 2022.

The Tears on Tap Tour will kick off on October 7th, with over 13 local breweries on the tour schedule. To participate in Tears on Tap, individuals must be 21+ years old and are required to show a valid ID. For the complete Tears on Tap tour dates, visit namidalab.com/news. Special thanks to local businesses and breweries for their involvement and willingness to partner with Namida Lab for these events. If you are interested in being a part of future trials or studies, please visit namidalab.com/contact-us to enter your name and email address.