Railyard Park in Downtown Rogers

The City of Rogers revitalized our downtown area with the newly renamed Railyard Park in 2021. With a grant from the Walton Family Foundation, this project has enhanced our downtown and improved connectivity. The park has public space investments and help to make downtown Rogers a regional destination.

Frisco Plaza

Frisco Plaza is the home to the Rogers Local Food Market on 1st Street in downtown Rogers. The Market is open every Saturday, May-October, from 8am to 1pm. The market features a variety of local growers, bakers, makers, and crafters during the summer. Vendors sell from the park’s plaza corridor with the ability to pull right into a parking spot to either sell from their vehicles or set up booths in the plaza. Parking spaces on the east side of 1st Street between Walnut and Elm Streets are closed to public parking on Saturdays from 5am to 1pm during the season. These spaces are reserved for market vendors to set up for selling.

This great location starting at the corner of Walnut and 1st Street offers vendors a vantage spot to sell their goods. There is more visibility for the market and foot traffic for downtown businesses.

“The revitalization of Downtown Rogers is exciting for our residents, visitors and businesses. Railyard Park represents a new gathering place for Northwest Arkansas. The Rogers Local Food Market’s location in the heart of our downtown businesses and right on the trail system makes this experience second to none for those who enjoy a traditional farmers market atmosphere and outdoor fun.” -Raymond Burns, CEO – Rogers Lowell Chamber.

Butterfield Stage

The Butterfield Stage is full of life with music and events every Friday and Saturday. The stage is a sprawling pavilion for large gatherings and live events. The old farmers market building behind the stage is the hub for a concession area and serves as the backstage area for artists. Frisco Plaza, located across the street, is a versatile space that can be used in a variety of ways for events. The City of Rogers programs the stage with events from April to October each year. A local music producer will be contracted to program music for the stage.


The Playard features structures for kids to climb in, on, and over. Part of the Playard highlights three water towers called the Water Stop, which is a splash pad area. Artists Octavio Logo, Mantra, and Lakwena were selected by the Rogers Public Art Commission to produce original artworks for the beautiful designs you see on the water towers now. The Railyard Park “Water Stop” arts project aims to capitalize on the growing arts tourism sector in Northwest Arkansas, reflect a thriving local culture, and boost economic activity in downtown Rogers.

Other Park Amenities

Spend the day in downtown Rogers experiencing all that the new Railyard Park has to offer. Other park amenities include:

  • Picnic tables in Frisco Plaza
  • Shade structures all along 1st Street
  • Park benches around the facility
  • Bike path connecting to trails
  • Access to many shops and restaurants in downtown Rogers
  • Events throughout the year at Butterfield Stage and Frisco Plaza
  • Restroom facilities located in the Playard and across the street near Centennial Park