Reasons to host evening events

Expensive, time consuming, and often poor attendee feedback; here is why you should still make the effort to host one.


A study by Meetings Imagined determined that 75 percent of respondents found networking and making connections at evening events was of top importance, and 84 percent of millennials found similar value. If networking is important for your attendees, an evening event gives them another opportunity to make connections. An agenda-free evening allows attendees to spend as much time as they please to catch up with seldom-reached professionals or seek out new contacts. A more structured evening event can help break up cliques and provide first-timers or reluctant attendees easy interactions.  

Shake it up

Think about your most enjoyable life experiences… was it something you’ve done before? Predictable experience? Chances are you didn’t go into one of these gratifying moments having done it before, nor with great expectations. While an evening event at a conference isn’t going to rise to the stature of the “best life experience” category, there can be lessons learned.

Hosting a unique, well organized evening event can create an experience that attendees didn’t expect. For a good number of planners, the general format of the meeting should remain the same. An evening event is a great chance to show your creativity and impress your attendees. Most destinations have evening events unique to the city, and you can contact the local CVB to learn more about these.

Group cooking class at Honeycomb Kitchen Shop in downtown Rogers

If you have any questions, I encourage you to reach out to me or check out one of the additional resources below. Written by Luke Wiggins, Meetings & Conventions Sales Manager, Visit Rogers. 479-619-3191

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4 Reasons Why Evening Events Matter at Conferences

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