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A craft drinks scene worth toasting to.

Craft beer enthusiasts will find plenty to love in Rogers’ booming beer scene. From innovative microbreweries to flavor-focused taverns to restaurants offering a lineup of their own brews, take your pick from delicious drinks throughout Northwest Arkansas. Taste your favorite beers right from the source when you visit brewery taprooms at hot spots such as Ozark Beer Company, New Province Brewing Co. and Core Brewing Company.

Wine lovers can't go wrong in Rogers, either. The family behind nearby Tontitown Winery has been in the winemaking business for almost 100 years, producing their own reds, whites and ports. Sassafras Springs Vineyard is new to wine production but has been pouring wines from all over the world in its tasting room for years. And Brick Street Brews downtown serves varietals by the glass or bottle from California, Washington, France, New Zealand and elsewhere.

Ozark Beer Company
Ozark Brewery is a local craft beer company located a few blocks from downtown. Enjoy a few beers, or book an event at the brewery!
Our #13 Favorite Thing to Do
Ozark Beer Company makes our list of the top 100 things to do in Rogers. Click through to see why.
Foster's Pint and Plate
Share an appetizer or get your own entree at Foster's Pints and Plate. They are known for their southern flair dishes and local craft beers and cocktails
Have A Pint
Foster's combines chocolate and chili peppers in one of their top-selling beers. Have you tried it?...

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In addition to the cooking it does in-house, Foster’s brews its owns beers. Since beer trends don’t change as often as food trends, it brews its standards—an IPA, a wheat, a golden—then its brewer gets a little playful and creative with it.
Beer trends don't move as fast as wine trends. If you like a hoppy beer, you drink a hoppy beer...